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Shrype™ Pup Paw Booster

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🐶Securely Restrain Pet's For Optimal SAFETY

🐈Eliminate Car Anxiety & Motion Sickness

🐶Compatible with all vehicle types!

🐈Join 1,000s of happy customers today!


Garanteret sikker og sikker udtjekning

Shrype™ Pup Paw Booster



"I bought this for my small dog and also for transporting small dogs to my home as I am a volunteer for a local rescue. Every one of the dogs like it, and lay down and lay their head on the front pillow. One dog likes it because he can see everything we pass by. I think they feel secure and comfortable. I like it because it will keep them safe if I have to stop short."

"My dog is very anxious when we go on car trips and I could never find a way for her to enjoy the ride. This car seat is amazing! And I had never seen her so calm and comfortable while in the car. It's perfect for her size (she's 7lbs) and she loves to lay hear head on the pillow. I'm so excited that I can finally take her with me and she will be calm and enjoy the trip wherever we go."

"I was skeptical if our Morkie would sit in this as Trex likes to be held and the center of attention. He loves it! As soon as he is put in it he either lies down and sleeps or if he’s full of energy he sits up like a prince and takes in everything. Perfect in between us. I have a four for sturdiness as sometimes we have to readjust during ride but this has been a great purchase."


PupPaw Booster universally fits car armrests using 3x heavy-duty elastic straps that wrap around the armrest.

It can also be balanced using the headrest strap in case the armrest isn't there or isn't ideally suitable.

Yes it is – unlike riding with your pet on the lap or otherwise unrestrained.Not only is that very dangerous, but it is also illegal to have the pet unrestrained when travelling in the car.

We have designed PupPaw Booster prioritizing safety.With triple heavy-duty elastic velcro straps as well as a stabilizing headrest strap keeping it in place, PawSeat® is stably secured.

All while the built-in bungee seat belt (security leash) prevents jumping and keeps the pet in place.

Please note that for optimal safety, we recommend to always use a harness instead of a collar and clip it to the built-in security leash.

As the PupPaw Booster is secured to the armrest that is in the center of the car, the location protects it from the airbag hazard.

The front airbags are designed to protect the driver and the passenger therefore they do not reach the center and there aren't any airbags in the center of the car itself.

Even though dogs love riding in the PupPaw Booster, its use is definitely not limited to dogs!

You can take your cat, rabbit, guinea pig or any other small pet on a road trip as well.

Please note that for a safe trip, your pet needs to wear a harness that is hooked to PawSeat's built-in security leash.