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Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Recovery Pal is the perfect deep tissue massage gun to add to anyone’s daily routine. 
Whether you’re a devoted athlete, someone who can’t get enough of the gym, or simply just someone looking for muscle therapy — find relief with Recovery Pal today! 
  • With 6 Interchangeable Heads, users can alternate different varieties for different muscle strains, allowing them to precisely target soreness.
  • Up to 30 Adjustable Speeds, select the most comfortable pressure to apply on your muscles without the fear of a “one size fits all” percussion speed. 
  • Fast Charging & a Lasting Battery Life, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge and automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to prevent overheating. 
  • With an Upgraded Low-Noise Motor, using ultra-strong heat dissipation to prevent any crash, the motor is designed with the latest noise-reduction technology that never exceeds 50dBs, allowing for a quiet experience.
  • LIghtweight & Easily Portable, the massage gun only weighs 2.5lbs, is cordless, and comes with a secure carrying case to allow users to bring it easily on the go.  
  • Ideal Gift for Anyone, with Great Customer After-Care, This percussion massage gun is a handier, healthier way to relieve sore, tired muscles and reduce stiffness after intense physical strain. Any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service and we’ll get it sorted right away for you! 
Deep Tissue Massage Gun